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Paul Welden, PLLC HomeSmart Exclusive Buyer's Agent Ahwatukee Real Estate 480-241-0081My name is Paul Welden, and my real estate partner’s name is Mike Caruso. We are the Ahwatukee’s Exclusive Buyers Real Estate Agents, working with HomeSmart. We help Ahwatukee home buyers find and buy homes for sale and give home buyers access to the resources and information needed to make informed real estate decisions – because that’s the key to buying the right home and getting the best deal. What we do is something that no other Ahwatukee Real Estate Agent does, because we are Exclusive Buyers Agents.

What is a Buyer’s Agent (also known as a Buyer’s Broker)?

A Buyers Agent is a license real estate agent (Realtor®) that represent home buyers — not home sellers. A Buyer’s Agent searches, locates and negotiates the purchase of a home with and for a home buyer.

Why would I want to work with a Buyer’s Agent?

Unless your Real Estate Agent is representing you as a Buyer’s Agent, that agent is working for the seller. More home buyers are enlisting the services of a Buyer’s Agent to help them find and purchase their home, because Buyers Agents have a legal fiduciary responsibility to only the home buyer.

Any real estate agent can help you to buy a home but an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent only helps home buyers and NEVER represents sellers*. So, when you allow us to help you as your Exclusive Buyers Agents, you can be comfortable knowing that we will never represent the seller*. 

What happens if I do not use a Buyer’s Agent?

You will not have access to the information you need to make good decisions. Most Ahwatukee Realtors® represent sellers by listing homes for sale, but not us. We only represent home buyers. So, when you see a home for sale and want to get more information, most buyers just contact the person’s name on the for sale sign without truly knowing that they would be talking with the seller’s Realtor® who was hired to sell the house for a high price without disclosing all the information a buyer needs to make an informed decision.

So, Ahwatukee home buyers contact us first because the informed, smart home buyer understands that there needs to be two separate Realtors® for each real estate transaction … one for the seller and one for the buyer.

Just be careful about who you receive Real Estate information from … is it the seller’s agent or your Buyers Agent? Also, when looking at home, remember that just because a Realtor® shows a buyer a home doesn’t mean that the Realtor® is an Exclusive Buyers Agent. Most Realtor® represent sellers (even the seller of the home you are interested in) but by that Realtor® showing you a home, you created an legal relationship and may have “hired” that Realtor® without even knowing it. These are just some of the reasons that smart Ahwatukee home buyers are seeking out our services as Exclusive Buyers Agents.

Do I need a Realtor® to find me a home?


Anybody can find homes for sale … that’s the easy part, and you don’t even need a Realtor® for that because you can just drive neighborhoods and find for sale signs or just search online.

But, the key to finding the best Ahwatukee homes for sale and getting the deal you want is INFORMATION, and, as Exclusive Buyer’s Agents, we make certain that home buyers have all the information necessary to make good real estate decisions. We do this by offering advice & guidance, instead of trying to “sell” homes. We have nothing to “sell,” because we are not traditional real estate agents that list properties for sale….we are Exclusive Buyer’s Agents.

As an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, I am able to offer things that most if not all other Ahwatukee Real Estate Agents do not provide.

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